Aerial Photography Drone
Aerial Photography Drone
Aerial Photography Drone
Aerial Photography Drone
Aerial Photography Drone
Aerial Photography Drone

Aerial Photography Drone

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  • Capture Breathtaking Moments from Above: Elevate your photography game with our cutting-edge Aerial Photography Drone. Unleash the power of bird's-eye view perspectives and capture stunning aerial shots that will leave everyone in awe.
  • High-Resolution Imaging: Armed with a state-of-the-art camera, our drone boasts impressive high-resolution capabilities. Witness clarity like never before as you document landscapes, events, and special occasions with unparalleled detail.
  • Intelligent Flight Modes: Experience effortless flying with intelligent flight modes that make piloting a breeze. From automated take-offs and landings to customizable waypoints, our drone is designed to adapt to your needs, ensuring you get the perfect shot every time.
  • Stabilized Gimbal for Smooth Footage: No more shaky videos! Our Aerial Photography Drone features a stabilized gimbal that ensures silky-smooth footage even in challenging weather conditions. Say goodbye to blurred images and hello to professional-quality results.
  • Extended Flight Time: Maximize your time in the air with an extended battery life. Our drone lets you capture more moments without constant interruptions for recharging, making it the perfect companion for extended photo sessions.

Product material: alloy ABS, PEO
Camera: 1080P-4K
Image transmission: WIFI distance is about 50 meters
Product size: folding: 13*8*6cm
Expanded (with shelf): 33*33*6cm
Storage bag size: 25*18*7cm
Remote control distance: about 150 meters
Flight time: 15 to 18 minutes
Battery capacity: 3.7V 1500mAh25c
Remote control battery: 3*AA
Package contents: aircraft *1, remote control *1, USB charging cable *1, screwdriver, protective frame *4, battery *1, fan blade *4 (spare 2A + 2B), wifi manual *1, Manual *1

Aerial Photography Drone

Aerial Photography Drone

Customer Reviews

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Landen Hirthe

Great drone for the price

Jacey Brakus

Thanks to the seller, as described, the camera function is very good

Brandi Price

Excellent Product, small if it is, I reach 2n less than 20 days to my hands

Alvera Pfeffer

True 8K Camera

Porter Gutmann

Powerful camera function